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Management of EU-projects

tp21's staff has scientific, medical, engineering and legal background with a long-standing experience in research management and technology transfer support.

Our current in-house seminar offers:
...for clinicians and medical associations: Multicenter clinical trials and translational research - requirements under HORIZON Europe
...for researchers: Planning and implementation of a European project - how to avoid typical errors (project design, finances, IPR)
...for young training networks: Intellectual Property Rights: - how to identify an invention, search for state of the art, freedom to operate, protection

If you are planning an EU project under Horizon Europe, do not hesitate to contact us.


The successful management of interdisciplinary projects requires:

  • Profound experience with European project requirements
  • Adequate structuring and scaling of the project
  • Suitable progress and risk monitoring measures
  • Excellent communication and integration skills
  • Outstanding organizing abilities
  • Comprehensive innovation management

tp21 offers the following support:

During application phase

  • Support in project concept development, shaping and structuring the project
  • Finance planning with the partners, overall finance plan
  • Elaboration of the management strategy, contribution to the dissemination & exploitation strategy
  • Supporting WP table structuring and coherence: tasks, deliverables, milestones, risks, Gantt
  • Coaching and support of the entire application process

During contract preparation phase

  • Elaboration of the DoA basing on the application
  • Coaching all communication with the European Commission
  • Coaching partners' validation process and financial viability checks
  • Set up of a draft Consortium Agreement acc. to the DESCA model, coordinating the agreement and signature process

During project implementation

  • Set up of the budget release plan
  • Day-to-day management during the project implementation, central office
  • Project logo and corporate identity development
  • Progress monitoring
  • Setup and running of a public project website, social media accounts and a restricted project management platform
  • Organization of events, meetings, training workshops
  • Management of all reporting duties (periodic reports, deliverable reports)
  • Conflict management, call for new partners, partner replacements, task/budget shifts
  • Preparation of possible contract amendments
  • Supporting exploitation activities, IPR workshops, dissemination and exploitation plans
  • Implementing dissemination activities
  • Supporting internal boards e.g. in stakeholder relation, translation, data management plan set-up

Project management by tp21 allows researchers, clinicians and companies to concentrate on their core interest and business and to benefit from tp21's longstanding experience as EU-project manager, evaluator and PTA.

For references see our project page.


EU Training Networks

tp21 offers set-up and maintenance of public and restricted web-based platforms

  • to enable public information on the state of the art in a special RTD field
  • to support joint training and communication within a PhD program
  • to provide a restricted platform to share documents and knowledge for RTD consortia.

These platforms offers

  • Document repository, contractual information, meetings' presentations
  • Individual work spaces to organize the collaboration and to share information
  • Personal areas for education & credits follow-up
  • Communication areas for journal clubs
  • Supervision of training program implementation by teachers
  • Calendar of events and courses
  • Up-to date contact information
  • Areas & functionalities on request

These platforms are suitable tools to coordinate programs such as

  • H2020 and HORIZON Europe collaborative projects
  • Marie Curie Actions
  • International PhD programs
  • Cluster & Network coordination
  • Any individual program

tp21 offers business and exploitation related workshops

For references see our project page.

Just contact tp21 to discuss your project.